Ⅳ. 3Lo 2A3T counter argument and overall Technical Analysis & GoE Comparison & PCS

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08. Step Sequence; Les Miserables & Sotnikova Short

Les Miserables StSq4   5.30 = 3.90 + 1.40

Sotnikova Short StSq4   5.40 = 3.90 + 1.50

Notice how Sotnikova extends her free leg ― leg with foot not on ice (called “swinging” ― specialty of ice dancing teams) A LOT but that is to hide her lack of edge control ― when non experts see her steps, they will think she did better because of her seemingly flamboyant free leg movement. ― looks like she did more, but it’s the deep edge use that counts towards step sequence level. It’s about how to do turns and steps with both side of edges and how to include body movement that will affect balance during the steps. GoE of 1.5 is bogus. +1.70 in FS Steps also was a massive bogus for the same reason.

Yuna is known for her deep & clean edge use during her step sequence . but she got level 3 on both short & long program step sequence.

Technical Specialist -in-training Tim Gerber’s analysis on Step Sequences

08. Step Sequence; Send In The Clowns StSq3 level 3


1. Chasse, clockwise

2. Rocker, clockwise

3. Chasse, clockwise

4. Choctaw, counterclockwise

5. Chasse x2, counterclockwise

6. Mohawk, counterclockclockwise

7. Crossroll (executed with a spiral), counterclockwise

8. Curve with change of edge, clockwise - ATTEMPT, the edge is shaky and doesn't get onto the new edge long enough, rolling her back onto the starting edge (may count if not too strict)

9. Rocker, counterclockwise

10. Counter, clockwise

11. Rocker, clockwise

12. Free foot comes down onto the ice on flat of blade, changes over to inside edge

13. Chasse, clockwise

14. Three turn, clockwise

15. Twizzle x2, clockwise (however, the second one isn't actually complete)

16. Mohawk, clockwise

17. Toe step x2, clockwise

18. Mohawk, counterclockwise

19. Two-foot mini curve, counterclockwise

20. Choctaw-like step (was on two feet), clockwise (This can be argued for a Choctaw)

21. Cross step, clockwise

22. Counter, counterclockwise

23. Twizzle x2, counterclockwise

24. Three turn, counterclockwise

25. Rocker, counterclockwise

26. Two-foot curve on ice (into full stop), counterclockwise

27. Push onto RFO 28. Three turn, clockwise

29. Loop, clockwise

30. Two-foot push onto LFO, almost with a mini hop

31. Rocker, counterclockwise

32. Curve with change oaf edge, counterclockwise

33. Loop, counterclockwise

34. Chasse, counterclockwise

35. Cross step, counterclockwise

36. Toe hop, clockwise

37. Push with toepick onto new skating foot

38. Toe step, clockwise

39. Chasse x2, clockwise

40. Rocker, clockwise

41. Bracket, clockwise

42. Counter, clockwise 

She has 5 types of turns in both directions - Counter, Rocker, Twizzle, Three, Loop (Bracket would be here as well but her one shaky edge caused the turn to change to a Rocker) 

She has 2 types of steps in both directions - Chasse, Mohawk 

The one shaky edge cost her the level, by negating a step that she needed. I wonder if she was supposed to have another choctaw in there as well, though. It almost looked like she did one in a different direction during the second part of the sequence, but she was on two feet too long for it to count. That would have saved the level.

The “mistakes” or flaws #8 & #20 that Gerber mentions are counter-argued by “yyskate”on the same thread that Gerber posted his analysis on (Golden Skate);

“Yes, Yuna made a mistake there, if you watch her korean national SP step sequence, that part is suppose to be a curve with change edge + bracket. because of that mistake she lost the bracket and curve with change edge, both of which could be counted towards to levels. Although I still think the curve with change edge should still be counted if been lenient. I also think #20 should be counted as a choctaw step. I watched that step of her sochi performance and korean national one super slow-mo, they looked exactly the same to me, and the change of foot is pretty clear to me, and I dont see too foot during the change of foot. So I think the Sp step sequence is still level 4 even with that mistake and definitely will be a level 4 if lenient.I also tried to analyze Adelina's step sequence, but I give up, for the exact reasons you mentioned above, I dont know what level Adelina's step sequence will get, if we scrutinize hers using the same strict standard as we analyzing Yuna's here.”

Send In The Clowns StSq3   4.44 = 3.30 (Base Value lv.3) + 1.14

If this was properly graded as lv. 4,   5.50 = 3.90 (Base Value Lv.4) + 1.60

GoE 1.60 = (1.4*5+2.1*2)/7 

Yuna got three +3 GoE and six +2 GoEs - trimming out highest & lowest, 5 +2s and 2 +3s left. Scale of value translates +2 into 1.4 and +3 into 2.1 (lv.4)

08. Step Sequence; Adios Nonino StSq3 level 3


1.) Toe step, counterclockwise 

2.) Back edge pull with free foot toepick push, clockwise 

3.) Mohawk, clockwise 

4.) Waltz hop, clockwise

5.) Cross step, clockwise 

6.) Change of edge from inside to outside with free foot in quick ina position, counterclockwise 

7.) Change edge from outside to inside with free foot placed on ice 

8.) Rocker, clockwise 

9.) Bracket, clockwise 

10.) Counter, clockwise 

11.) Cross Roll, counterclockwise 

12.) Rocker, counterclockwise 

13.) Change edge from outside to inside 

14.) Loop, counterclockwise 

15.) Full turn on ice while changing feet, counterclockwise 

16.) Toe steps, clockwise 

17.) Rocker, clockwise 

18.) Cross step, counterclockwise 

19.) Choctaw executed with a hop, clockwise 

20.) Twizzle, clockwise 

21.) Chasse, clockwise 

22.) Choctaw, clockwise + Choctaw, counterclockwise 

23.) Top hop, counterclockwise 

24.) Twizzle, counterclockwise (x2) 

25.) Rocker, counterclockwise 

26.) Edge change from inside to outside 

27.) Three turn, counterclockwise 

28.) Brief back inside two foot glide with back free foot mini-kick 

29.) Choctaw, clockwise 

30.) Three turn, clockwise 

31.) Loop, clockwise 

32.) Toe hop, clockwise 

33.) Chasse, counterclockwise 

34.) Curve with change of edge, clockwise 

35.) Bracket, counterclockwise 

36.) Cross step, clockwise 

37.) Cross step, counterclockwise 

38.) Half turn and edge change from inside to outside with free foot push, clockwise 

39.) Toe step, clockwise 

40.) Counter, counterclockwise 

41.) Twizzle, counterclockwise (x2) 

42.) Three turn, counterclockwise 

43.) Rocker, counterclockwise 

44.) Half turn and edge change from inside to outside with free foot placed on ice, counterclockwise 45.) Change of foot with free foot push, counterclockwise 

46.) Illusion turn, counterclockwise 

47.) Chasse, counterclockwise 

48.) Toe step, clockwise 

49.) Cross step, counterclockwise

50.) Chasse, counterclockwise 

51.) Toe step, counterclockwise 

She has 6 types of turns in both directions - Rocker, Bracket, Twizzle, Loop, Counter, Three 

She had 4 types of steps in both directions - Toe hop, Toe step, Chasse, Choctaw 

She has full body rotation covering at least 1/3 of the pattern in total for each rotational direction. 

She most definitely has upper body movements for at least 1/3 of the pattern. 

She has 3 different combinations of three difficult turns executed with a clear rhythm. 

This footwork sequence is clearly Level 4.

Adios Nonino StSq3   4.44 = 3.30 (lv.3 BV) + 1.14

If this was properly awarded lv.4,   5.50 = 3.90 (lv.4 BV) + 1.60

GoE 1.60 = (1.4*5+2.1*2)/7

Yuna got three +3 GoE and six +2 GoEs - trimming out highest &lowest, 5 +2s and 2 +3s left. Scale of value translates +2 into 1.4 and +3 into 2.1 (lv.4)

08. Step Sequence Sotnikova FS StSq4 level 4


1.) Three Turn, counterclockwise (x2) 

2.) Curve with change of edge, clockwise 

3.) Twizzle, clockwise 

4). Toe Hop, counterlockwise 

5.) Rocker, counterclockwise 

6.) Change edge from inside to outside 

7.) Three Turn, clockwise 

8.) Twizzle, counterclockwise (barely makes it around and free foot comes down quickly) 

9.) Curve with change of edge, clockwise 

10.) Loop, clockwise 

11.) Three Turn, clockwise 

12.) Choctaw, counterclockwise 

13.) Illusion turn, counterclockwise 

14.) Toe Steps, clockwise 

15.) Rocker, clockwise 

16.) Counter, clockwise 

17.) Bracket, counterclockwise (FAILED attempt, edge is flat before the turn and unsteady on exit, with free foot coming down) 

18.) Mohawk, counterclockwise 

19.) Loop, counterclockwise 

20.) Toe Hop, clockwise 

21.) Chasse, clockwise 

22.) Rocker, clockwise 

23.) Rocker, counterclockwise (barely, edge is shallow and immediately changes over) 24.) Rocker, counterclockwise 

25.) Chasse, clockwise (x3) 

26.) Edge change from inside to outside 

27.) Edge change from outside to inside with free foot placed on ice 

28.) Rocker, clockwise (barely, edge is shallow and immediately changes over) 

29.) Three Turn, clockwise 

5 types of turns need to be executed in both directions. By my count Sotnikova only executed 4 types of turns in both directions - Three Turn, Rocker, Loop, and Twizzle (and this one is very questionable on the counterclockwise attempt). 

3 types of steps need to be executed in both directions and I only see 1 type of step executed in both directions - Toe Hop. 

She not only failed to achieve the #1 criteria for Level 4, but she also failed to achieve the #4 criteria. Other people who are able to, analyze this step sequence with me and let's uncover the truth.

Sotnikova FS StSq4 (should be lv.3)   5.60 = 3.90 (lv.4 BV) + 1.70

If this was properly awarded lv.3,   4.51 = 3.30 (lv.3 BV) + 1.21

GoE 1.21 = (1.0*4+1.5*3)/7

Sotnikova got four +3 GoE and four +2 GoEs and 1 +1 GoE - trimming out highest &lowest, 4 +2s and 3 +3s left. Scale of value translates +2 into 1.0 and +3 into 1.5 (level 3)

09. ChSq1

Les Miserables   3.60 = 2.00 + 1.60

Massive quality lunge, interprets music on a godly level

Adios Nonino   3.50 = 2.00 + 1.50

Nearly at the end of her program, she attacks her Choreo seq. with so much energy & speed with various moves executed with deep edge use and great sense of balance, in perfect sync with music

Sotnikova FS   3.50 = 2.00 + 1.50

Really? Spiral element and saying hi with your hand gets you high Chreo sq GoE??????? Without much elements packed into Choreo sq.?

10. Spins

This is a comparison between Layback spins of Kim and Sotnikova. You can see that Yuna has less range of travelling away from axis. It shows better centered control. But Yuna got less than 1 GoE.